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5 Indoor Activities for Your Preschooler Using Magna-Tiles® Structures

Keeping a preschooler entertained while stuck inside is a big job. Any parent knows how important it is to exercise their brain and body even on the days you can’t go outside, but how? How about an indoor activity that mixes fun, learning and Magna-Tiles® Structures? Check out these five indoor activities for preschoolers below that have been tested and approved by the parents on our team.

Color Word Adventure

Using Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Magna-Tiles® Structures set

This colorful activity will beat the indoor blues. Using the tiles that include a color word, place them in a pile. Name a color and have your preschooler find the tile with the correct color word on it. After they find the correct color word tile, have them find an object in the room that matches the color word on the tile.

Example: The color is blue. Find the blue tile, and then match the blue tile to the blue pillow.

The Animal Guessing Game

Using Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Magna-Tiles® Structures set

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I see animal friends hiding from me! This memory game will have your preschooler roaring with giggles. Using the tiles that have pictures of animals, place them in a row. Let your preschooler look at the row of animal tiles and then have them cover their eyes. Choose one animal tile to take away. Then have your preschooler open their eyes and guess which animal tile you took away.

Example: Line the animal tiles up. Take away the fish tile. Ask what tile is missing? The fish tile is missing.


Using The Very Busy Spider Magna-Tiles® Structures set

Whoo? Whoo? is looking for a fun activity using The Very Busy Spider Magna-Tiles® Structures set? Using the tiles that include an animal on them, place them in a row. Pick a tile and let your preschooler identify the animal. After that, ask them to mimic the sound the animal makes.

Example: Find the pig. Name the pig. The pig goes, “Oink! Oink!”

Move Your Feet and Repeat

Using The Grouchy Ladybug Magna-Tiles® Structures set

Looking for an activity to get your preschooler moving? This is the one! Lay out the pieces of The Grouchy Ladybug Magna-Tiles® Structures set. Find all the numbered tiles (1-12) and place them in a line (they don’t have to be in numerical order). On a piece of paper, write out 12 activities, such as clap, stomp, jumping jack. Separate each activity, fold the paper and place in a bucket or hat. Have your preschooler pick a number tile and pick a piece of paper out of the bucket or hat. Have them perform the exercise they picked the number of times listed on the tile.

Example: They picked the number 2 tile. They picked the exercise “clap!” Have them clap 2 times.

Bonus Activity: After each pick, lay the number tile and exercise in the order they were chosen. Once all numbers and activities have been completed, go through the entire sequence of exercise!

Example: Clap 1 time, stomp 4 times, do 2 jumping jacks, and so on.

Mix & Match Fruit Patch

Using The Very Hungry Caterpillar Magna-Tiles® Structures set

Hungry for some fun? This matching game will fill your preschooler right up. Pick out all the tiles including fruit and all the tiles including numbers (1-5). Place the fruit tiles in a line. In a separate line, place each tile with a number on it (1-5). Have your preschooler match each number tile to the tile with the correct amount of fruit on it.

Example: Pick the number 3. Find the tile with 3 pieces of fruit on it.

If you’ve created any fun activities using Magna-Tiles® Structures sets or enjoy one of the activities above, share it with us! We’re always excited to see all the imaginative ways young creators are using our sets. And you might just see your activity on our social media feed! Tag us on Instagram @createonproducts or use the #createonproducts on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Creating!

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