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Don`t just display your photographs, with CreateOn magnetic photo tiles you can build and play with your memories as well!


2 Large + 4 Small
(12 Images)
8 Small
(16 Images)
1 Large + 4 Small
(10 Images)
2 Large + 8 Small
(20 Images)
3 Large + 4 Small
(14 Images)
4 Large
(8 Images)
16 Small
(32 Images)
1 Large + 12 Small
(26 Images)
1 Large + 8 Small
(18 Images)
upload photos from your device
double sided for double the photo fun
compatible with all Magna-Tiles®
for decorative and play purposes
2 LARGE | 8 SMALL 20 IMAGES, $60
1 LARGE | 12 SMALL 26 IMAGES, $60
  • Why Photos Are Important for Everyone

    Memories are so important to our lives which makes photos even more important because they are every emotion all wrapped up in a piece of time. Those times can be happy, exciting, meaningful, curious, old, new, sad, congratulatory, and even mysterious. Whatever valuable time or emotion you are trying to capture, photos can complete the mission. The gift that keeps on giving those emotions is therapeutic, celebratory, experiential, and even an opportunity. An opportunity to see life through the eyes of all the people around you and who have passed. An opportunity to bring generations together and remember one another. Your experiences and memories are worth saving and what better way than photos or Magna-Tiles magnetic tiles. Never lose those emotions and experiences, preserve them.

  • Why Photos Are the Best Gift One Can Give

    The farthest-reaching gift ever is photos, they stand the test of time. Everybody loves a gift of remembrance, and it gives your recipient an experience to keep with them forever. You can enrich someone’s life or make them take pause when they see that frame on the wall, a Magna-tiles photo set on their refrigerator, pause to reflect on how good they feel about that special time. Times that cannot be forgotten by anyone because it is etched on something you can keep with you forever. Keepsakes for generations to hold on to. It is universal and gives you the feels, what could be better?! Giving someone a snapshot in time is an experience that is priceless and unforgettable. Keepsakes for generations to have.

frequently asked questions

  • With CreateOn you can create, build and share memories for everyone to enjoy. We will go over steps for uploading images to your ‘My Magnet Tiles Display’. Click photo sets and select your favorite display. Now you can start creating!
  • Step #1 Building Your New Tile Set.

    We are building a 1 large and 4 small tile set and we'll need a total of 10 images. Press the ‘+’ sign on an individual tile to upload an image special tip and trick. If your favorite photos are on Facebook or, say, uploaded to Google photos, you can link your account to bring those photos directly in.
  • Step #2 Uploading Your Photos.

    Uploading photos from your device is a simple and straightforward process. You can upload JPEGs and PNG files for our practice project. We are going to upload from a device.
  • Special tip

    You can upload all 10 Photos at once, and our system will automatically fill both sides of your tiles after uploading create on save those photos for future creations in saved photos.
  • Step #3 Be Sure to Add Photos to Both Sides.

    You can switch between side one and side two on the bottom of the main page.

For more tips and tricks on creating your ‘My Magnet Tiles’. Check out our videos on image preparation, editing, and more with create on.

There are plenty of sizes available, a set for any occasion, really. You can do a configuration of large and small magnetic tiles in any pattern that best suits the pictures you want to display. Sitting on a shelf, go with the large four tiles set so that they can be seen. One of the most popular ways of displaying the tiles is on your refrigerator; that combination is probably best with the 16 small tiles. So, think of the way you’d like to display them and get creative.

We have a price for any budget, and we are constantly having promotions to give the consumer the best deal possible. These memories are priceless, though, and you get to play with them.

Unfortunately, they are not waterproof. The magnets are metal and would eventually rust, but the tiles can be wiped off with a damp towel or anti-bacterial wipe for everyday cleaning.

Processing times are pretty quick, as our site is set up to drop your photos right onto the tiles, and that’s how we receive them. It’s pretty nifty if we have to say so ourselves. Give your order at least 4 to 7 days, though, there is shipping time.

You really wouldn’t return Uncle Fred, would you? Tell him he better behave because custom tiles are not returnable. However, if there is any type of error on our part, we will be happy to fix it.