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Apocalypse City Terrain-Tiles™

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From the depths of the Midnight Dungeon to the battle fields of Apocalypse City our Terrain-Tiles™ sets contain all you need to quickly and easily build a war games table.  Terrain-Tiles™ come in a variety of shapes and magnetically snap together to form an infinite number of builds.  Double-sided art gives you unlimited possibilities for building structures, dungeons, corridors, scatter terrain and more!  All of the sets are cross compatible to allow you to fill your board with tons of terrain easily!

All The Details:

  • All our Terrain-Tiles™ sets are easy to build, easy to disassemble, and easy to store.
  • Terrain-Tile™ sets are made with Magna-Tiles® all  Terrain-Tile™ sets are cross compatible and compatible with all Magna-Tiles® sets and Magna-Tile® Structures® sets.
  • All pieces feature SuperColor® Technology on both sides for vibrant colors and a scratch-resistant coating.
  • This set contains 8 small squares, 5 isosceles triangles, 4 right triangles, 4 large rectangles, 1 large square tile, and three sheets of reusable stickers to customize your table.
  • Safe for all ages.

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