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The Grouchy Ladybug Tells Time – Lesson Plan Part 2

Common Core Objective:
  • Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks. 1MD.B.
Learning Objectives:

Students will:

  • Use clock hands to tell the time in hours on the clock.
  • Be able to tell what time the clock says in hours and half hours.

#1. Remind the students that they learned about telling time yesterday.

#2. Review with the students how the minute hand moves around the clock each hour, but the hour hand only moves to the next hour.

#3. Together with the students, create the Grouchy Ladybug clock again.

#4. Show the students the clock hands. Remind the students that the shorter “hand” is the hour hand and the longer “hand” is the minute hand.

#5. Ask a student to show you 1 o’clock with the clock hands on the Grouchy Ladybug clock. Ask another student to show you 5 o’clock.

#6. Tell the students that today they are going to learn to tell time by the half hour. Explain to the students that 30 minutes after the hour is called a half hour. Count the “marks” on the clock with them so that they can see that it is 30 minutes.

#7. Show the students what the clock looks like when it is 1:30. Then show them what the clock looks like when it is 2:30.

#8. Once the students understand how to show the half hour on a clock, have them take turns showing the time on the clock by the hour or half hour. Make sure that each student takes a turn.

#9. Ask the students what they learned today.

  • Observe the students to make sure each student understands how to show the time by the hour and half hour.

  • Place the tiles at a center so the students can practice making the clock together and having each other show a time on the clock.

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