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Crayola® Holiday Tile Painting Kit

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Embark on a Festive Adventure with Crayola® Magnetic Tiles - Unleash Holiday Magic for Kids and adults Alike!

Dive into the holiday season with the whimsical world of Crayola® magnetic tiles - an enchanting experience that bridges generations. Let the festivities come alive as you decorate Christmas themed tiles with the vibrant hues of Crayola® colors.,

For the little ones, it's a playground of imagination! Watch as their tiny hands bring to life 3D wonders with the decorated tiles, fostering creativity and fine motor skills. And for the seasoned creators, these magnetic tiles offer a delightful trip down memory lane, providing a unique opportunity to share the joy of artistry with their children & grandchildren.

Build magical structures that and let the light dance through your masterpiece when used as a radiant suncatcher. It's not just play - it's an intergenerational bonding experience where art becomes the language that connects young and old hearts. Explore, laugh, and play - because holiday magic is meant to be experienced by every generation. Elevate your festivities with Crayola® and let the creativity flow!

All The Details:
  • Get ready for your child to have tons of fun creating works of art and developing STEAM and problem-solving skills as he or she plays.
  • Our PaintOn® Tiles are compatible with most otther magnetic tile sets.  
  • This set contains 6 three-inch square tiles with holiday images outlined for painting.
  • 2 Holiday colored  three-inch square tiles.
  • 6 Holiday colored equilateral triangles.
  • Four tubes of Crayola® PaintOn® colors – RED-BLUE-GREEN & YELLOW.
  • Ages 3 years and up.

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