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Summer Activities for Children Using Magna Tiles

July 13 2023 CreateOn

As the long sunny days of summer approach, finding engaging and educational summer activities for children can often be challenging. This blog post aims to provide parents with innovative ideas to keep their kids busy while promoting cognitive development.

Magna Tiles, versatile magnetic building blocks, can transform everyday activities into learning opportunities, from creating dynamic displays on your garage door during a lemonade sale to doodling designs at the local park or even constructing an illuminated camping fort.

Whether it's a break from game consoles using terrain tiles or hosting a tea party in a princess castle built from Magna Tiles, these favorite summer activities are sure to inspire creativity and make learning fun.

Summer Activities For Kids Using Magna Tiles

Keeping kids entertained can be challenging when school's out for summer—no need to fear. We have the perfect solution. With Magna Tiles from CreateOn, your little ones can have endless fun while learning and unleashing their creativity. These magnetic tiles aren't just toys; they're tools that spark imagination and boost cognitive development. Whether at home or on an adventure, incorporating Magna Tiles into your child's playtime will make their summer break unforgettable.

The Importance of Brain Games to Keep Children Sharp on Summer Break

Summer break is a time for fun and relaxation, but keeping your child's mind sharp is also important. That's where CreateOn® comes in with their Magna Tiles® games. These aren't just any games; they're designed to stimulate creativity and cognitive development while providing hours of entertainment. Instead of letting your kids spend all day on their iPads or game consoles, why not introduce them to the world of Magna Tiles? They'll have a blast while simultaneously developing their skills.

Why Magna Tiles Are The Perfect Choice

If you're searching for a summer activity that's fun, engaging, and educational for your kids, look no further than Magna Tiles from CreateOn®. These magnetic building sets are not only enjoyable but also boost brain development. They inspire creativity, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness. Plus, they're versatile for indoor and outdoor use, making them the ideal companion for summer adventures.

How To Spice Up Your Kids' Summer with Magna Tiles

Summer is the ultimate time for fun and adventure with your little ones. And what better way to amp up the excitement than by incorporating Magna Tiles into their escapades? These versatile toys can turn a simple lemonade sale into a masterpiece, transform sand castles into architectural wonders, and even bring a touch of magic to your outdoor camping trips. Not only will they keep your kids entertained for hours, but they'll also ignite their creativity and boost their cognitive development.

Magnetic Tiles on Garage Door During Lemonade Sale

Summer is the perfect time for your little entrepreneurs to set up a lemonade stand. Add some fun and creativity by using Magna Tiles on your garage door. The magnetic tiles can easily attach to the metal surface, allowing children to create vibrant designs or spell "Lemonade Stand" while selling refreshing drinks. This keeps them engaged and adds an eye-catching element that's sure to attract more customers.

Magna Tiles at the Beach

Planning a beach day this summer? Don't forget to pack your Magna Tiles. These magnetic tiles are perfect for building sand castles and creating unique sand sculptures. Kids can unleash their creativity while enjoying the sun, sea, and sand. Plus, it's a great way to keep them entertained without screens. So, next time you pack that beach bag, include Magna Tiles for some extra fun.

Doodle with Magna Tiles at the Park

Summer picnics at the park just got more exciting. With PaintOn Magna Tiles from CreateOn, your kids can doodle their hearts out while soaking up some sun. These magnetic tiles come with a special surface that's perfect for drawing and erasing, making them an ideal companion for outdoor adventures. Not only do they encourage creativity, but they also provide a fun way to engage in hands-on play away from screens.

Light Up Magna Tiles For Camping

Summer nights are perfect for camping trips. And what better way to add a touch of magic than with Luminary Magna Tile Structure Sets? These light-up tiles can be arranged into various designs, illuminating your campsite and sparking creativity in your children. They're entertaining and provide a soft glow that's perfect for storytelling under the stars. So next time you pack for an outdoor adventure, don't forget these magnetic wonders.

Take A Break From The Game Console

Summer is the optimal moment to discard the controller. Our Terrain-Tiles Magnetic Tile Structure Sets offer a refreshing break from digital battles. Let kids unleash creativity and build their own epic battlegrounds. No screens are required, just pure imagination and endless fun.

Tea Party Princess Castle

If you're planning a summer tea party for your little ones, why not sprinkle some magic with the Princess Castle magnetic tiles from CreateOn? These tiles let kids build their own fairy tale castle, sparking creativity and imagination. Plus, they provide a hands-on activity to keep the kiddos entertained. It's not just fun; it's learning through play.

Include Magnetic Tiles In Your Summer Activities

So ditch the game console and let your child's imagination run wild with Magna Tiles - they'll have a blast while secretly sharpening their brains! Check out our online collection of magnetic tiles today!