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The Science Behind Kids Magnetic Tiles: Learning While Playing

June 01 2023 CreateOn

In their early years, kids arguably learn more from playtime than they do from school. And if you want your kids to get more out of playtime, choosing the right toys is essential.

A magnetic tile set has some of the most varied learning benefits, especially for kids ages 3-8. So how exactly do Magna tile toys help kids learn? Let’s find out.

Creativity and Imagination

People are the most imaginative when they are young. And when you encourage a child to use that imagination and creativity, you help them build creative ability and confidence that will follow them into adulthood.

With magnetic tiles toys, kids can follow directions to build specific structures. They can also plan and build their own creations using manga tile pieces. Whether they want to build a stable for a toy horse, a house for a doll, or even a tower taller than they are, magnetic tiles can help them do it!

Visual-Spatial Development

If you’ve ever answered a geometry problem that asked you to visualize a 3D shape, you’ve used visual-spatial reasoning. But this is a skill that extends far beyond the classroom.

Visual-spatial reasoning skills help you understand how a given object relates to its environment. You use them every day when driving or walking down the street. As you can imagine, if no one had visual-spatial skills, we would have a lot of unnecessary collisions!

Most schools don’t emphasize this type of learning, especially at a young age. But fortunately, building 3D shapes with magna tile toys helps kids get the hang of visual-spatial skills long before they take a geometry test (or drive a car).

Shapes, Colors, Numbers, and Letters

Magnetic tile toys are usually used for building, but they can also help younger kids master their colors and shapes. When a child can see and touch a triangle or square, they’re much more likely to remember the shape.

Some parents also use Magna-tiles to teach kids basic math. To do this, you simply need to tape a piece of paper with a number or symbol on each tile. You can then work with your child to solve simple equations.

For example, you might use Magna-tiles to write “3 + 1 =” on the fridge. Your child can then pick a number to answer the equation and place it on the fridge as well. It’s a lot more fun than writing answers in a notebook!

Similarly, you can also tape letters on each tile and ask your child to spell simple words like “cat” and “dog.” You can also let your kids come up with their own words!

Fine Motor Skills

People begin to develop fine motor skills in infancy, but that process extends well into toddlerhood. Developing these skills is essential to leading a normal life.

We may not think about it, but we use fine motor skills every day. We need them to get dressed, write, type, eat, turn pages, play musical instruments, etc. One of the best ways for children to develop their fine motor skills is to engage in play that involves grasping and manipulating objects.

When they use magnetic tiles, kids need to be able to pick up and turn the tiles in order to stick them together. And the more they practice, the sharper their fine motor skills become.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Some research has indicated that when kids successfully complete puzzles and similar piece set projects, it increases their self-esteem. One of the best things about magna tiles is that your child’s creations can be as simple or as complex as they like. When using them to create, kids of any age and skill level can feel accomplished!

Language Skills

Magnetic tiles have a reputation for being great STEM product toys, so you might be surprised to hear that they can also help develop language skills. When they collaborate with a parent, sibling, or classmate on building a structure with tiles, kids need to clearly and verbally communicate. This can be a challenge for younger kids, but it’s a great way to develop communication skills in a low-stress environment.

Make Learning Fun with Magnetic Tiles Toy For Kids

Magna tile toys offer an impressive range of learning benefits, and they’re also some of the most fun toys on the market today! You might find yourself creating alongside your kids, too.

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