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How To Organize and Store Your Magnetic Tile Sets

September 22 2023 CreateOn

Finding a creative way to neatly stow your child's toys and magnetic tile sets can be fun and rewarding, especially when doing so results in a clean and well-organized play space. The joy of seeing your child's playroom neat is often unparalleled.

But let's face it, those colorful magnetic tiles can quickly become scattered everywhere, making a huge mess. That's where we come in with some fantastic storage solutions for your beloved magnetic building tiles.

We're here to guide you toward a tidier play space. Let us show you how easy storing Magnetic Tiles can actually be!

Why Keeping Toys Such As Magnetic Tiles Stored Neatly Is Important

CreateOn® magnetic tiles are a treasure trove of fun, learning, self-expression, and creativity for children. But like all treasures, they need to be well taken care of. Proper storage is key to maintaining the longevity of these toys.

An organized system to store magnetic tiles helps keep playrooms tidy while ensuring no pieces get lost or damaged. Plus, it makes clean-up time easier after each creative session.

The Importance Of Storing Magnetic Tiles Correctly

A good organization method does more than just keeping things neat - it's about teaching our little ones respect for their possessions, too. When we show love towards our items by storing them properly, we can subtly instill this value into young minds.

Clean magnetic tiles last longer with regular cleaning, followed by proper storage, which helps maintain the quality of your magnetic tiles over time.

Dedicated spaces such as bed storage bins or clear plastic bins make packing up post-playtime quick and hassle-free.

Consistently organizing can clear up space for new additions to the toy collection.

The Importance of Regular Purging & Organizing Toys

To store new sets of magnetic tiles effectively without cluttering up space further, it's important to regularly purge old toys. This practice helps create room for more engaging playthings. At first, the process may seem intimidating; however, it will become easier with practice.

Categorize all existing toys into three groups: frequently used ones (which should stay), rarely touched ones (to consider giving away), and broken/obsolete pieces (for disposal).

Purge regularly and set aside specific times every month when everyone participates in sorting through items.

Create designated spaces so each toy has its place, making clean-up less overwhelming after playing sessions.

Storage Methods For Magna-Tiles

CreateOn® magnetic tiles are loved by children and parents alike for their ability to inspire creativity. However, storing these toys can sometimes be challenging due to their various shapes and sizes. CreateOn® offers some great solutions.

No single arrangement will work for all magnetic tile collections. You can choose from various storage options, including clear plastic bins, fabric tote bags, soft baskets, shelving organizers, and more!

Generic Plastic Bins

A straightforward and cost-effective solution for your CreateOn® magnetic tiles storage needs is using generic plastic bins. These transparent containers offer a clear view of all your beloved magnetic tiles, making it easy to spot specific pieces when needed.

You can find these versatile storage solutions in various sizes online and at local stores. The beauty lies in their stackability, which helps you store magnetic tiles efficiently while saving space.

The durability of these bins makes them an excellent choice for storing kids' toys. Plus, clean-up time becomes a breeze - simply gather all the tiles and drop them into the bin.

Fabric Totes

When it comes to storing your magnetic building tiles, fabric tote bags are a fantastic solution. These handy storage options allow you to easily pack up and transport magnetic tiles for creative activities wherever your adventures take you.

You'll love the convenience of having all those beloved magnetic building sets right at hand without cluttering up the playroom. Check out online marketplaces where an array of sizes and designs are available, ensuring that you find just the perfect one for your needs.

Soft Storage Baskets

Soft storage baskets might be the answer if you're searching for a stylish yet practical way to store magnetic building tiles. These charming containers are functional and serve as lovely additions to any room's decor.

Plenty of storage bin options are available for your magnetic tile building set at home goods stores or online platforms. 

Just ensure that whatever basket you choose is sturdy enough to hold the weight of numerous magna-tile sets.

Shelf Organizer

As parents, we know the struggle of keeping our children's toys organized. It can be a real challenge to store magnetic building tile sets in an orderly fashion, allowing easy access for creative activities. But have you considered using a shelf organizer?

An open-shelved system offers clear visibility and accessibility. Children can easily pack away their creations after playtime while still being able to see all available options before they start building again.

Classic Toy Chest

A classic toy chest is a beloved storage solution for parents and children alike. This traditional method of storing toys, including CreateOn® magnetic tiles building set, offers ample space to store magnetic tiles for creative activities.

This storage option promotes cleanliness and organization in any playroom or bedroom. With everything neatly packed away in one place, it becomes easier for kids to find their favorite sets when they're ready for fun.

Moveable Storage Carts

If you're looking for a versatile and efficient way to store magnetic tiles, moveable storage carts are the answer. These dynamic solutions come with multiple compartments, making it easy to sort and store magnetic tiles by size or color.

The best part? Their mobility. Transporting your child's creative activities from one room to another is simple. Kids can easily pack away toys and building tile sets when playtime is over. This kind of toy storage keeps things tidy and fosters children's independence.

Discover Magnetic Building Tiles Through CreateOn

Storing your magnetic tiles doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Keeping your magnetic tiles neatly stored and organized is important for their longevity, and each method discussed has its own benefits, which can cater to different needs and spaces in your home or child's playroom.

If you're looking for more ways to inspire creativity in children through hands-on fun with beloved magnetic tiles, consider exploring CreateOn®. We partner with magnetic tiles brands to bring endless inspiration through our unique sets that promote learning, self-expression, and creativity.

Discover how we make playtime educational yet entertaining by visiting CreateOn. Start storing those magnet tile building set the right way with these creative options!