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How to Make Photo Tiles

November 24 2022 CreateOn

If you’ve seen a set of photo tiles at a friend or family member’s home, you already know how eye-catching and unique they are.

Unlike the old-fashioned way of hanging printed photos in a picture frame, photo tiles feel much more updated and fresh while also providing multiple options for customization with their magnetized sides.

Not only can photo tiles be a great way to display your favorite captured memories in your home or office, but they can also make fun and educational toys for young kids.

Kids learn well from visual stimulation, and with custom-designed photo tiles, you can create an educational experience for your kids that allows them to get truly hands-on with their learning and rearrange the tiles as they please.

Interested in creating a custom set of photo tiles but not sure how to get started? Luckily, it’s easy to make photo tiles to your exact specifications with just a few simple steps. All it takes is uploading your favorite images to your computer and getting creative to organize your photos exactly how you want them.

Creating Photo Tiles that Make Pictures

Whether you choose a photo tile layout that features an individual picture in each tile, or you design the tiles to combine into one larger image, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make photo tiles and design your perfect photo tile layout.

To make your own photo tile set, you’ll only need to:

Gather Up Your Photos

Since photo tile sets are designed around images, the first step will be to decide which images you’d like printed on your custom photo tiles. For example, if you’re giving your photo tile set as a gift, you can gather up all of your favorite pictures of a loved one and you together, as well as pictures of all of their proudest moments.

The number of photos you need to collect will depend on the specific layout you choose and how many tiles you’ll be receiving. However, most photo set layouts need about ten pictures to get started, and it’s always a good idea to gather extra images so that you can swap out pictures as needed as you’re putting together your photo tile set.

Upload Them to CreateOn’s Custom Photo Tile Builder

Once you’ve opened CreateOn’s custom photo tile builder in your preferred web browser, you can start uploading your images straight from your computer with the click of a button.

Both JPEG and PNG files are compatible with the tile-building software, and you can upload all of your photos at once, so you don’t have to worry about taking the time to submit them one by one.

Are the photos you want to use embedded in a social media platform, such as Facebook? With CreateOn’s custom photo tile builder, you don’t have to worry about downloading those images from the social media site and potentially sacrificing their image quality.

You can link your account to CreateOn’s platform in order to transfer the pictures directly over without any quality loss or inconvenience.

Design Your Layout

Now that you have your pictures uploaded and ready to go, it’s time to create your ideal photo tile layout.

Take your time to browse CreateOn’s layout options, which range from 12 images featured on two large and four small tiles to as many as 32 images on 16 small tiles. Since all of the photo tiles are double-sided, you can have two distinct pictures on each side of a single tile!

Depending on your preference, you can have some pictures repeating throughout the set or design it so that every single image is unique. Once you’ve chosen your photo set layout and uploaded all of the pictures you’ll need, you’ll be all set to submit your order for your custom photo tiles!

Why Making Photo Tiles Out of Pictures Is So Special

The process required to make photo tiles can be just as meaningful as the finished product when you make it a fun activity to do with loved ones. And once the magnetic photo tiles arrive, every member of your family will have fun arranging and rearranging them.

Photo tiles are an easy and fun way to share memories and create new ones!