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Preserving Our Memories: A Tale of a Girl Who Used to Go With Her Dad to the Camera Shop

May 27 2022 CreateOn

I remember the smell; it was a combination of old leather, musky carpeting, and coffee. Boy, that coffee still permeates my nose. His name was Ed, the shopkeeper guy, his glasses slightly down his nose when he looked at you. I think that is why I remember him; my dad always did that whenever he talked to you. He only took off his glasses when he scolded me, but that is a whole other book of tales and debauchery.

Photographs, Everywhere, Anywhere.

I see it like it was yesterday; you go in and put that roll of film in the envelope, tear off the little tab and sign your name on it. Ed knew my dad, so he only signed it, Bill L. they would share a cup of coffee, talk about life, and I would get a lollipop; it was perfect.

Ed would yell when we walked in, “Hey Bill, how the heck are ya, and who is this little beautiful young lady?”

I did not feel so beautiful that year, though; that was the year of the Dorothy Hamill haircut. It will be easy to take care of, they said, a superstar’s haircut, and you even get the special shampoo. That haircut devastated me, but again that is another tale. I might call that one, ‘The Dorothy Hamill haircut, how to kill a little girl’s psyche.’ Ed would show my dad the newest and greatest item he got in that week, and a lot of oohs and ahhs would follow. I would smile when they’d look at me like I was posing for a picture, which I did A LOT!

Say Cheese!

My Dad always would make you say corny things before he took the picture. Say cheese, say Olly Olly oxen-free, my favorite, Uncle Sam in America! Boy, what I wouldn’t give to be staring at a camera with him behind it, yelling in my highest adolescent voice, Uncle Sam in America!!

The anticipation of going back to get those photos after they were developed was exciting, at least for the 9-year-old girl in me. My Dad always had a camera on him, always, so the pictures were plentiful.

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These are the memories we have preserved from a time gone by, not only in our minds but on paper and video. Perhaps in this new age of cell phone cameras, some of that nostalgia has been lost. Not for this grandma (Nana); it has not; I want to preserve those happy, warm memories for my grandbabies. What better way than photos on Magna-Tiles, so they can play, build, and remember.

Preserve Your Memories with Magnetic Photo Tiles from Createon!

Bring on the warm fuzzies and love through photos on magnetic tiles. This Father’s Day, makes some of your own, throw in the cinnamon rolls, change out the bath, and body works plug-in to match. Print your magnetic tiles with Dad and all of your family members, throw them on the fridge, let the little one play, and put them on Grandma’s shelf so when she’s lonely, she knows everyone is there. Whether you are Auntie, Nana, or Cousin Bob, take the time to make that memory for them, you will truly be glad you did. I know because those were some of the best memories of my life.